Fabrication Services Agreement

Fabrication Services Agreement

21.15 Const parties. This agreement can be faxed and executed in one or more counterparties, each being considered original and all considered an agreement taken together. · Any update to the product review is subject to royalties by specification and is agreed in writing by both parties based on costs. The product upgrade is considered a paid RMA. The RMA for this type is considered a shipment, and Jabil calculates the additional costs, not the total cost of the product, and with ExW`s Incoterm, SE is responsible for the cost of delivery per standard product. 1.22 NRE costs are the engineering, testing, fixing and tool costs set out in the work declaration for the products concerned, which are attached to Schedule 1. · Both parties can set up hubs on different sites. To meet other hub requirements, Jabil must comply with the standard hub procedure, each specific SE request is subject to additional charges after agreement from both parties. Jabil meets the SE`s inventory management requirements.

DII applications, as described above, are reviewed quarterly and potential inventory overruns resulting from the requirement will be adjusted with the agreement of both parties. · For more information, see the attached “Additional Logistics Services” file. Adoption: All prices discussed so far are from the China-Poland factory. If we want additional services, we must add: 10.1 Changes to Manufacturing Services, Packaging and Shipping Specifications and Test Procedures. The company can request in writing at any time a change in manufacturing services, packaging and shipping specifications and testing methods. Jabil analyzes the requested change and will provide the company with an assessment of the impact of the requested change on costs, manufacturing, timing, delivery and implementation. The entity is responsible for all costs associated with accepted changes made pursuant to Schedule 1. Any such change is recorded in a written change order and takes effect only with the reciprocal written agreement of both parties to the terms of this regulation, including the time required to deliver, the costs and the applicable delivery plans. 21.2 Legal fees and fees.

In the event that legal fees or other costs are incurred to enforce the payment or performance of an obligation, agreement or agreement between the parties or damages for breach of an obligation to enter into an agreement or agreement under this agreement or to obtain any other reasonable discharge under this agreement, whether as a prosecution or in defence, the dominant party is entitled to recover from the other party its reasonable legal fees and fees, including all appeal and appeal costs, costs and costs incurred by the performance or recovery of that judgment or the arbitration award and other facilities granted. under the conditions of these provisions. Products must be designed as specified in the SOW and in any additional SOW that can be added to this agreement. The services to be provided by Jabil under this agreement cannot be attributed by Jabil to third parties unless the company consents to such subcontracting in writing and in advance. 1.20 “manufacturing services” refers to the services provided by Jabil under this Directive, which include, not limited, manufacturing, verification, configuration, assembly, packaging and/or shipping of the product, including additional services, in accordance with specifications.

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