Zeiss Software Maintenance Agreement

Zeiss Software Maintenance Agreement

ZEISS retains and reserves all rights to the content and design of its websites. Intellectual property on our websites and trademarks is protected. Texts, images and graphics on our websites, their layout, etc., as well as animations and software are subject to copyright and other protection laws. Reproduction, reproduction or reproduction of all or parts of these parts is prohibited, unless our written permission is made in advance. This site does not license the exploitation of intellectual property. ZEISS reserves the right to edit, suspend or close websites at any time and without notice. Light-Servicepaket is a framework agreement for the maintenance of services for the rapid resolution of problems. Provides the point solution for all problems related to the operation of the device. No prepayment is required. A software maintenance contract for coordinate measurement technology is the right way to guarantee your long-term quality.

If software is offered for free download, ZEISS disclaims any responsibility for damage caused by downloading or using the software. The download and use of the software is done exclusively at its own risk and without any liability or guarantee, unless it is an intention or gross negligence on the part of ZEISS. We don`t want you to have to do all the hardware and software maintenance yourself. There are different ways our service team can help. We offer maintenance not only for your measuring machines, but also for your software. First 5-year contract equipment manufacturer for software maintenance and maintenance and software upgrades from December 1, 2020 to November 30, 2025 for all 129 Zeiss aircraft, Including HFA 740i,IOLMaster 500, Lumera 700, Oct Visee, Opmi Lumera (assistant), HFA 745i, HFA3 860, Cirrus 5000, Cirrus Photo 600, Oct 5000 Angio and HFA3 860 es with tables and associated equipment. Direct distinction for the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) complete for providing maintenance, repair, software updates and device management for the devices presented above. Zeiss does not train third-party technicians, maintenance providers or have no access to system upgrades. All OEM parts are used for repairs and maintenance.

They do not sell/provide test toolkits or software diagnostic tools to third parties. Zeiss engineers have accredited knowledge for the complete troubleshooting, repair and calibration of devices after repair or service. Passwords are not provided to allow third parties to access device service menus. Software upgrades are continuously developed, released and installed by a trained technician when paired, calibrated or routine, or complemented by support for Zeiss remote devices. Zeiss also provides remote diagnosis and assistance via a specific technical support service for all facilities. The modular structure of our service offering gives you the ability to combine or adapt different modules. Select one of the services and combine it with z.B a software or hardware maintenance contract. This is the best way to invest in long-term security.

Contact your regional partner to find out more. Carl Zeiss is the first OEM of software system updates to be repaired, pending and pending. The equipment includes HFA 740i, IOLMaster 500, Lumera 700, Oct Visee, Opmi Lumera (O-Assistant), HFA 745i, HFA3 860, Cirrus 5000, Cirrus Photo 600, Oct 5000 Angio and HFA3 860 are used for specialized diagnosis and treatment of ophthalmologists at Moors Eyefield Hospital NHS Foundation.

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